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The District

the dream residence in São Paulo

Now it's easy to choose your home in the best region of São Paulo
Practical and optimized spaces

Compact options for those who don't want to give up a good location.

High level infrastructure

Modern look and applied technologies guaranteeing comfort for you.

Everyday convenience

Count on amenities that make the idea of ​​living in the residential even better.

Available options for your new home

Smart Studio (21 m²)

  • Integrated rooms to optimize space
  • Single bathroom with natural ventilation
  • Higher ceilings for air circulation and cabinet installation
  • Ideal structure for one or two residents to live in comfort

Uphouse (35 m²)

  • Home office space integrated into the living room
  • Single bathroom with doors to the bedroom and living room
  • Balcony that improves lighting and ventilation in the main room
  • Annex in the kitchen that serves as a laundry area

1 bedroom apartment (47 m²)

  • Suite reserved from the other rooms
  • Integrated living and dining rooms, including half bath
  • Kitchen connected with laundry area
  • Gourmet balcony with barbecue and social space
  • More space for storage and furniture

Live in the heart of São Paulo

Subway (7 min)

By walking a few minutes you will find the nearest station to get around the city.

Supermarket and bakery (5 min)

Hunger won't be a problem living in this region with so many options.


Pharmacy (2 min)

In health or illness, it's always good to have one close by.

CGH (35 min)

The average time to get to Congonhas Airport and catch a flight when needed.

In the west of São Paulo, Jardins is one of the most valued neighborhoods in the city and there are several reasons for this. One of them is the variety of options it offers, including gastronomy, nightlife, shops, shops and general services.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the ease of access to major roads, such as Avenida Paulista, Nove de Julho and Rebouças, in addition to the practicality of using the subway. It will be hard to find a better location than this!

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Everything you need in one place!

65 units

From individual studios to one-bedroom apartments

65 spaces in the garage

So no one leaves the car outside

4 elevators

Internal traffic will not be a problem

30 jobs

Coworking to share with neighbors

10 washing machines

Shared laundry space

25 bikes available

Bike sharing to take advantage of the good location

If you want even more convenience


Pet area

Your pet is also welcome and we have a special environment for all pets to play.


Rooftop with gourmet bar

Enjoy a beautiful view while having a drink with friends or celebrate with your neighbors.



Hold your meetings away from home and with the greatest possible practicality, taking advantage of the furnished office with Wi-Fi.


Convenience store

24-hour quick shopping so you don't have to go out every time you need something at the last minute.



Despite having several options close by, you don't need to spend an extra monthly fee when your building already has a good gym.


Swimming pool

To cool off on the hottest days or keep up with your sports routine.


Security technology

Cameras and complete security systems to protect your home.


Cleaning and security team

The residence is in good hands, being taken care of by a trained and friendly team.


Order center

Leave with the peace of mind that your orders will arrive and will be well kept


Solar energy

We have photovoltaic panels installed as a sustainability initiative that help reduce monthly expenses.

Best team to make this a reality

Anthony McKinsey
Master Builder
Architectural Firm
Sandra Yin
Chief Architect
Verde Belo
Landscaping Office
William Stone
James Heart
Engineering Leader

Anthony McKinsey

Master Builder
With more than 30 years of experience in the civil construction area, Anthony took care of this project in a special way due to the wealth of details that the project brought. His team maintained the same commitment throughout the process of execution of the work and the wonder of the result is great proof of that.


Architectural Firm
Experts in combining design and technology, DeTech professionals embraced The District's proposal to create a project that truly stands out. The search for references was intense, assimilating ideas from national and international constructions in a single space that offers many functionalities.

Sandra Yin

Chief Architect
Sandra is responsible for the overall signature of the project, despite having worked together with her DeTech colleagues. Graduated and postgraduated in Architecture, her motivation in each work is to give new meanings to spaces that can bring more functionality to people and beauty to our streets.

Verde Belo

Landscaping Office
After having the construction ready, the final touch was guaranteed with an excellent landscaping project to better compose the exterior environments. With that, we have a residential that is even more visually pleasing and that brings coexistence with nature to everyday life in some way.

William Stone

The common spaces are designed by William Stone, who specializes in setting up condominiums and follows a more modern approach. The decorated apartments also had a little of their look to help convey the feeling of how living in The District is a great idea.

James Heart

Chief Engineer

With more than 12 years of experience in the civil engineering area, James and his team brought to the project the highest level of precision and safety and no wonder the result is great proof of that. We have a residential that is safe and in sync with our green future values.

Technical information

Embedding and building: Blueprint
Engineering project: Noah Harris
Architectural design: DeTech
Landscaping project: Verde Belo
Master builder: Lindsay Brown
Decoration: Stone Decor
Style: Contemporary
Tower type: Residential
Land area: 7,358.00 m²
Number of towers: 2
Number of floors: 60
Number of units per floor: 6

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