Discover the destination for your next trip

Feel like getting on a plane and landing somewhere else? If you still don't know where to go and want a suggestion, how about using this quiz we prepared to make this choice easier? Answer our questions to find a destination that suits you.

Many travelers spend more than twice as much on airline tickets because they don't plan to travel. Discovering your destination now, you can still try to find promotions. Travel with Happy Luggage to solve your problems and make the most of your destination!

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Do you already have an idea of ​​which part of the world you want to visit this time?



How would you describe what type of traveler you are?



Thinking about gastronomy, what kind of food attracts you?



So, what flight time are you willing to face?



Your perfect type of travel destination would be…



What else do you intend to do in the destination?



The must-see types of tours for you are…



How is the budget for the trip?

We are almost there!

Useful tips to not miss out on promotions

Plan ahead
Knowing the destination beforehand helps you focus on your searches until you find the tickets that meet your needs. You will hardly pay a good price at the last minute!
Try to be flexible on dates
If possible, be flexible in the dates and times you research to get more attractive prices. Having too many restrictions on this isn't going to help much.
Search more than once
Don't be satisfied with just one search. From the moment you decide to travel, start looking at prices to create a reference and observe the variations.
Take advantage of metasearch platforms
The facilities of the internet serve precisely to prevent you from staying on the websites of each airline. Use Happy Luggage to find the best option!