Take this standardized test developed by The Exam to measure your language, mathematics, human and natural sciences skills in order to assess your readiness for undergraduate courses across Berxley. Let’s find out your chances to get approved in  your next examination?
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How does The Exam work

This test contains questions ordered 1 to 16 related to Language and Linguistics, Mathematics and Logic, Geographical and Historical, and Biological and Chemical studies. For each question, there is just one single correct answer and you need to score at least 70% of correction to get approval.


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For each of the questions, 4 options are presented. Only one answers the question correctly.


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Review your answers before submitting the test, you have up to 4 hours for test completion.


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Finalize the test and submit your answers to access your result and find out if you passed the test.

About The Exam

The Exam is a private agency that contributes to the quality and accountability of Berxley’s publicly funded education system.

We are committed to enhancing the excellence and obligation of the education system in Berxley, working closely with the education community to empower educators and the public at large with reliable information and data across the state.

Through an active research and development program and counting on resources such as this test to quickly evaluate the skills of the applicants for undergraduate course admissions, the Exam investigates factors that influence school effectiveness, student achievement, and best assessment practices.