Future of transportation starts here 

Mike is a bike-sharing company that aims to use micro-mobility and the sharing economy to change the future of transportation.

Global warming could kill around 40 million people by 2100, according to UNDP.

  • Contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions with the use of sustainable vehicles.
  • Ensure greater money savings at the end of the month;
  • Have a better quality of life by spending more time outdoors.

Did you know?

Cycling on a daily commute could reduce massive CO2 emissions by up to 700 million tons a year? That would be the equivalent of Canada's annual emissions!

We rent bicycles anywhere in the world for those who want to contribute to sustainability on the planet

You can choose between electric and traditional options, without any bureaucracy.

Electric bike

Electric bike

This is a type of bike that has an integrated electric motor, uses rechargeable batteries and, depending on the model, can reach up to 25 mph.

Electric scooter

Electric scooter

This is a type of vehicle, with two to three wheels, powered by electricity and that can reach up to 30 mph, depending on the model.

Affordable prices for traditional and electric models

Ensure the biggest savings at the end of the month, help reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and, as a bonus, have greater health and well-being.


of CO2 emissions in Brazil are the responsibility of the transport sector.

Climate Observatory


people die in the country from diseases related to physical inactivity.

World Health Organization - WHO


How to use Mike's app?


Download the app and add a payment method: credit card or Google Pay.


Enter the location and see the types of vehicles near to you shown on the map.


Choose from the models available, scan the code to unlock the transport and just ride.


Bicycle: This type of vehicle is mostly used in small cities and represents 2.5% of trips in the national average.


Traveling on foot: The smaller the size of the municipality, the greater the percentage of this type of travel.
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Bus: This type of vehicle corresponds to 24% of municipal and intercity trips carried out in the country.
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Car: It is the second most used means of transport in the country, representing about 25.9% of the trips made.
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We work with different models and prioritize the safety of our customers

Download the app right now and start enjoying all the benefits that Mike offers:

Safety first 
More up-to-date models to facilitate your displacement
Reduction of CO2 emission into the atmosphere
Vehicles shared with all people


  • Contribute to the preservation of the environment
  • Avoid traffic and reduce stress in your routine
  • Have a better quality of life and well-being
  • Ensure you save money at the end of the month

I want to be part of Mike: what's the next step?

Download Mike's business plan right now to learn more about the company and be sure to schedule a meeting with our team if you are interested in investing in this proposal.