Captivate your audience with high-performing interactive content

Build high-performing interactive experiences in a fully responsive code-free environment.

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Meet Ion

With Ion, marketers can create complex, logic-driven experiences without ever writing one line of code. Each experience can capture meaningful, first-party data from the interactions, which can be used for lead qualification, nurture, and so much more.
Everything You Need in One Place
Manage users, content, and integrations all from within your Ion admin panel. Grant permissions, add tracking scripts and analyze content performance with a few clicks.
Drag & Drop Components
Within Creative Studio, you can quickly build personalized interactive experiences using a wide range of elements and simple tools like drag and drop, everything in a code-free environment.
In Platform Analytics
Capture insights into user behavior such as engagement, experience performance, and even launch A/B/n tests. Streamline your marketing process and send data to your marketing automation platform in real-time.

Everything You Need to Create Engaging Interactive Content

Fully Responsive Templates

Forget complex development cycles and start seeing results faster. Our interactive content marketing platform’s library of prefab, fully responsive, and customizable interactive experiences get you from ideation to launch quicker.

Complete CSS Control without Code

The Ion platform includes a custom theme of your brand and usability standards that you can use with point-and-click ease. The theme is centralized, making universal improvements, adjustments and even re-brands as straightforward as updating the theme. And before you ask, yes, you can have multiple themes!

Flexible Design in Creative Studio

Go ahead, be a creative control freak. There’s no better way to create stunning responsive interactive experiences without code or developers.
  • 20 Animations; 5 Triggers
  • App-Like Transitions
  • Scroll Triggers & Effects
  • Flows, Rotators, Reveals
  • Responsive Design Controls
  • Interactive Video & Video Background

Smart Marketing Capabilities

Data Driven Strategy
Dynamically change where people go and what they see based on who they are, what they’ve done and how they’ve expressed interest. Data-driven relevance is here for marketers. And relevance equals results. Ion puts targeting, personalization and conditional logic at your fingertips — without development. 
Build interactive content experiences so relevant your audience can’t help but engage. With Ion, you can get specific and relevant with virtually limitless targeting conditions using Ion’s user profile. Segment by region or interest. Customize content based on a visitor’s past behavior. Get granular with conditional targeting based on device, time of day, referring URL and much more. You can even dynamically alter forms—giving returning, non-converting visitors a shorter form than first-timers or presenting sequential progressive profiling forms on repeat visits and so on.
Highly Targeted Campaigns
Integrate external data sources for real-time relevance. Complement Ion’s user profile with data from advertising, email, CRM and marketing automation systems to make your targeting even sharper. Transform campaigns into relevant, lead and demand generation powerhouses.
Integrated A/B/n Testing
Results are great, but how do you know you’re maximizing? You test. And when built-in A/B/n testing is a few clicks and no code away, you do it. When it comes to risk management, you’re in the driver’s seat. Ion is not some bantam weight testing platform. Statistical confidence can be set between 80-99% at your discretion. You can even choose how traffic is distributed. Because it’s so fast and easy, our customers achieve unparalleled testing success, with more than 75% of our customers reporting 100% or higher conversion improvement.


From native integrations with Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce, Marketo and Demandbase to standard integrations with Mongoose Metrics, Omniture and Crazyegg, Ion interactive smoothly shares its wealth of explicit, descriptive, interactive content data with both up and downstream technologies like these:

Our customers create valuable content experiences


FedEx uses embedded interactive experiences to make shipping easy and increase revenue 82%.


BASF readers spent an average of 12 minutes engaging with an interactive microsite.


Key Equipment Finance saw 36% increase in conversions with interactive content.

Our customer gallery

Need inspiration? From infographics to quizzes to microsites and videos, we have examples of stellar content experiences in every industry. Spark your next great idea here!
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Customer Testimonials

“What’s so great about the Ion platform is that we can now create campaigns in a matter of minutes by setting up A/B tests. We can always ensure the best possible outcome of a campaign.”
Rolf Inge Holden, Global Marketing Specialist
“We really want to make things as easy as possible for our FedEx customers, and leveraging interactive content simply makes it easy for us as marketers to accomplish this.”
Drew Bailey, Content Manager at FedEx
“Our customers were looking for alternatives to white papers or research reports — creating interactive tools allows us to build a meaty piece of content that helps convert at the awareness and consideration stages of the buyers’ journey.”
Jessie Coan, VP of Marketing at Aberdeen Group

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