What is your fashion style?

Learning our fashion style is the first step to putting together an outfit that matches what we need, isn't it? So why not take our quiz and find out what your style is? There are eight questions just to start getting the most out of your style!

What is the mood of your work environment?


What activity do you like to practice to relax?


At a wedding, what would your mood be?


How do you usually travel?


What piece can't be missing from your wardrobe?


What is your kind of hangout?


Which color palette do you like the most?


When shopping for clothes, which store do you like to visit?


Why knowing your style?


Knowing your style makes it easier to define your clothing, buy the right pieces and find a way to dress that always pleases, which ensures that you are comfortable with your style.


By knowing your style, you gain more time when dressing up, regardless of the occasion. It will be your style and you will just make some adjustments without wasting too much time.


The style when dressing is also a way of being authentic, of having a trademark and being known for those clothes and their combinations. With a clearer definition, it is even easier to choose new pieces in the future.


Another benefit is the organization of your daily routine, which will already have a more optimized process, but which gains even more practicality for you to organize your clothes that will be used daily.