Women in technology:

10 trailblazing figures that have changed technology history forever

Learn a little more about women who have made a difference in the history of the tech market.
Although the technology universe is still predominantly male today, many women have been important to its development. How about getting to know some of them? Inspiring women who have made their mark in history deserve all the recognition, as we still need to overcome many challenges in this regard.
Gender pay gap

The gender pay gap has grown from 22.4% to 23.4% (2017-2019).
Female representation

In the development area, female representation is only 11%.
Leadership positions

Men occupy 92% of leadership positions.
Check out the timeline to discover names that have made a difference!

Our purpose as an educational institution is to help train more and more women and open space for them in the labor market because we know their power, strength, and competence. The world of technology and business can also be feminine! Contact us and participate in this revolution.

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